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LCU-F series pure water cooling units used in power sector


  • Static Var Compensator (SVC)

  • HV/HP Static Var Generator (SVG)

  • Parallel active power filter device (PAPF)

  • Static synchronous compensator (STATCOM)

  • Thyristor-Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC)

  • DC transmission converter valve (IGBT)

  •  High power electronics lab

LCU-V series pure water cooling units used in new energy converter


  • Grid-connected converter for wind power generation

  • Grid-connected converter for photovoltaic power generation

  • Wind turbine generator system

  • Double-fed and direct-driven converter

  • SUV for wind field

  • Telecom base station 

LCU-C series pure water cooling units dedicated for marine variable frequency driven system


  •  Rectifier for propelling system

  • Current converter for propelling system

  •  Voltage converter for propelling system

  •  Frequency converter system for offshore platform


LCU-L series pure water cooling units for land use converters

  • HV converters for power sector

  • HV converters for mining industry

  • HV converters for petrochemical industry

  • HV converters for metallurgic and cement industry

  • Medium and low-voltage inverters

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