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I. Introduction

l  U-shaped stainless steel tube heat exchangers, with ultrathin tube wall, have the advantage of high pressure (0.6-1.6MPa) withstanding, high mechanical strength, good water hammer and corrosion resistance.

l  Heat exchangers designed for testing devices will not produce oil mist within the temperature range -70℃~180℃.

l  Heat exchangers with high cleanness are supplied for lasers.

l  We deliver a wide range of products for dryers, including condensers, heaters, cold and heat pumps.

l  With years of professional experience and superior technology, we are strict in material selection, hence producing heat exchangers of excellent performance.

l  Each heat exchanger is strictly tested to withstand high pressure and ensure zero leakage.

l  Good corrosion resistance and long service life can be realized through special surface treatment. 


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